About Us

About Houston Container

We have been in business since 1999 as a source of new and used shipping containers at the best prices in the Houston area. Houston is close to various shipping ports and our proximity and industry experience allowed us to source the containers in the best condition and offer them at reasonable prices. Houston Container offers new and used shipping and storage containers solution, custom builds, repair, refrigerated containers, open top containers and specialized equipment. We’re dedicated to offering personal services to businesses and individuals. Houston Container is always able to give our clients and their projects the personal attention they deserve.

A blue container home with a door open.
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Company Philosophy

In addition to creating a successful business based on our connections to sources of quality shipping containers and shipping container for dry storage, we pride ourselves on the value of our containers as highly useful products and the ability to serve our customers. We have been able to provide solutions for businesses and organizations; whether its a portable building or a flexible storage container solution, that were more affordable and able to be delivered more quickly than traditional alternatives. Individuals who need to make a last minute overseas shipment or institutions who need modified modular buildings are the type of clients we serve in Houston. To some a shipping container is just a box, but at Houston Container we believe they are products that can make our client’s lives easier.

Our Clients

– Oil & Gas
– Logistics Companies
– Crating Companies
– Small Businesses
– Individuals seeking service solutions
– Deer/Hunting Leases
– Municipalities (City & County Governments)

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Some Of Our Best Work

Since our inception, we’ve had the opportunity to work on unique products, and develop our own configurations of containers that are most commonly utilized in different industries/applications. Check out a few examples below.

Turnstile box – Made from a shipping container for a Houston Oil & Gas company for a plant entrance.

Snowclone stand – Customer specific build and design for snow cone and snack stand. Includes air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, freezers and refrigerators.

Modular home. – One bedroom one bathroom, kitchen. Custom cabinets, modular home. Used for deer leases, lake houses, vacation property.

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